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Tom's of Maine Sensitive Fluoride-Free Natural Toothpaste, Wintermint 4 oz (113 g)

Tom's of Maine Sensitive Fluoride-Free Natural Toothpaste, Wintermint 4 oz (113 g)

Tom's of Maine Sensitive Fluoride-Free Natural Toothpaste, Wintermint 4 oz (113 g)
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No Saccharin. No Artificial Sweeteners or Preservatives. No Artificial Color or Flavor. No Animal Ingredients.How do we define natural? By natural we mean that the product is made from ingredients whose ultimate source is nature and is simply formulated, using only those ingredients required to perform a necessary function. We also mean that the product contains no artificial preservatives, artificial dyes, or artificial sweeteners (like saccharin). On each box we list our ingredients, their purpose and source. We believe you have a right to know.What causes sensitive teeth? Our teeth are protected by enamel. When enamel is worn away or gums recede, dentin underneath becomes exposed and teeth become sensitive, especially to hot and cold foods. This is called dentin hypersensitivity. It is usually experienced as we age, but tooth grinding, gum disease, and brushing too hard can also contribute.Why Tom's of Maine for sensitive teeth? The ingredients in Tom's of Maine Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth help reduce the incidence of pain while efficiently cleaning your teeth. Our active ingredient, potassium nitrate, is clinically proven effective in soothing sensitive teeth and is derived from naturally occurring deposits of nitrate ore rather than the synthetic nitrates used by other brands. Our safe, low abrasion formula protects tooth enamel while cleaning teeth.Natural Flavor: We blend wintergreen and peppermint oils for a smooth, refreshing flavor that avoids bitterness.The 5 Day Flavor Test*: Tom's toothpaste is different from major brands because it does not contain saccharin, a synthetic sweetener 400 times sweeter than sugar. Your taste buds may need a chance to adjust to the experience of a natural flavor. Try this simple test. Use Tom's for 5 days. Then try your regular brand. We'll wager you'll stay with the clean, refreshing taste of Tom's.

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  • Tom's of Maine Sensitive Fluoride-Free Natural Toothpaste, Wintermint 4 oz (113 g)
  • Tom's Of Maine Story: Dear Friends, For over 25 years we have committed ourselves to natural body care products. From the early days we have created products with ingredients sourced in nature which work well without using artificial preservatives, dyes, synthetic sweeteners and flavors, or animal-by-products. Our company has grown but our approach remains simple and direct. We listen to what you want (and don't want) in your products. We learn how it can be done, as we respond with intelligent alternatives. Putting our mission into words as a company has helped us affirm our beliefs and identify new ways to serve you. Part of our mission at Tom's of Maine is "to be distinctive in products and policies which honor and sustain our natural world." That is why our ingredients are biodegradable, our toothpaste cartons are made of 100% recycled board (65% post consumer content) and our tubes are recyclable. Thank you for using our products, and let us know what you think. Kate & Tom Chappell Tom's of Maine products are tested for safety without the use of animals. Vegan Indications Builds increasing protection against painful sensitivity of the teeth to cold, heat, acids, sweets or contact. Warnings Sensitive teeth may indicate a serious problem that may need prompt care by a dentist. See your dentist if the problem persists or worsens. Do not use this product longer than 4 weeks unless recommended by a dentist or doctor.
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