Friday, June 21, 2013

Elmex Sensitive Plus Toothpaste 3 Pack

Elmex Sensitive Plus Toothpaste 3 Pack

Elmex Sensitive Plus Toothpaste 3 Pack
From Elmex

Product Description

See more, visit here : X 75 ML Elmex Sensitive Plus toothpaste.As we get older our gums recede, revealing the dental neck. Without the protection provided by the gums and dental enamel, the dental neck becomes susceptible to external stimuli and dentine caries.elmex SENSITIVE PLUS toothpaste has been specially developed to care for and, in particular, protect exposed dental necks. It contains highly effective amine fluoride, which forms a protective layer on the dentine and can thus fend off painful stimuli. This effect is supported by the special abrasive. Amine fluoride also protects against tooth neck caries. elmex SENSITIVE PLUS toothpaste has a mild, gentle cleaning action due to its abrasive, so as not to abrade the soft dental neck.When used daily, elmex SENSITIVE PLUS toothpaste, elmex SENSITIVE PLUS dental rinse and elmex interX SENSITIVE toothbrush combine to form an effective protective and cleaning system.If a tree has no bark, it is mercilessly exposed to the elements. It is exactly the same for teeth. If tooth necks are exposed, there is a risk of tooth neck caries.Target Group: People with exposed and hypersensitive dental necks.Main Benefits: Protection against dentine caries and hypersensitive teeth. Reduction of existing hypersensitivity.

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